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The ship in the documentary is the Koshu Maru, surviving crew member says they were told to look out for Earhart when she went missing, if seen, rescue her. They never saw her or her airplane.
In 1937, Japan didn't want to antagonize the US, they had bigger problems at the time [China and Russia]; the Pueblo incident happened later in the year, the Japanese paid the US for damages. When Charles Lindbergh got lost in fog on his way from Alaska to Japan, he was rescued by the Japanese and treated like a hero. The allegation that the airplane she was flying is being towed on a barge is absurd, the Electra had no intelligence value to the Japanese. When the Japanese wanted advanced American aircraft at that time period, they just bought one or the rights to make one. The DC2 or 3[both technologically superior] were licensed to almost every nation capable of building it, the Japanese copies were called the Shōwa L2D and Nakajima L2D; Fokker built copies for the Germans. Both the Rolls Royce Merlin that powered the Spitfire and the Messerschmidt 109 DB 601 were derived from the US Allison, both planes also used Hamilton Standard variable pitch propellers . Our aircraft industry would sell to anyone, they needed the money.
The picture itself has several problems, Noonan parted his hair from the left and Earhart had shorter hair as shown in the picture from Lae where they last took off. The hairstyle shown wasn't uncommon among Japanese woman of that time period. Another problem is that the photo is not dated
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