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Kroger stores closing/ Jesse Jackson upset

Seriously folks, you can't make this stuff up...

So the idea is that if businesses don't make money, they can't sustain themselves. Well several Kroger stores have to close due to poor performance, for the lay person, they are losing money hand over fist. Sure, in any chain operation you have some of the overperforming stores help out the underperforming a certain degree.

Well guess where the underperforming stores are at?? Predominately black neighborhoods. Now this isn't race baiting, this is factual. One of the biggest issues -- outside of people not feeling safe shopping there is ---shrinkage. Again to the lay person - theft, shoplifting, sticky fingers, five finger discount.

Of course Kroger's owners, who should be able to make decision that affect their stores, make these decisions because they are in the business to make money.
But wait a minute...Jesse Jackson is now going to protest because Kroger shouldn't close stores in black neighborhoods ....well what do you expect them to do??? Open their doors and lose money????
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