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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Because he had never went to a recruiting camp and then finally did and ran a 4.31 (hand time) and jumped out of the building? That's utterly asinine. They shot him up but dropped nearly every other recruit to keep them at 2? How the hell does that make any sense?

Again, you're contradicting yourself. If the top ranked guys are only ranked at the top because top schools are recruiting them, why did OSU guys drop? There's 2 schools on or above OSU. Using your logic, none of them should have dropped.
Read my original post. The reason most of them dropped was because the Rating Service wants to have more uncommitted players ranked higher to drum up interest.

All the commits who dropped went to camps and did well too.

Schools don't rely on Rating Services. They rely upon their own Recruiting Department to evaluate talent. They know the players long before the Services.

If a school like UC waits until the kid is highly ranked its too late. UC best shot is to get to the kids it has an inside track on early- develop a relationship and be the first to offer. The kid will collect his stars when the Big Boys start to show an interest.
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