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Originally Posted by Wahoo Sam View Post
The best teams keep winning because they build up a program. They have extensive Recruiting Departments, Strength/Conditioning Programs and experienced Assistant Coaches.

Here's an example of how the Rankings are cooked. Here's an article from on OSU blog on how EVERY OSU Commit except one dropped in 247Sports Rankings. How's that? Did they all break a leg?

No they need to make room at the top of the rankings for the players still being recruited. No one is going to subscribe to a site where all the top recruits are no longer in play. No one gets excited if the only player uncommitted is ranked 45th on your site.

The one player who did go up in rankings jumped up 152 spots! Why? Because that way OSU can still be ranked as Second Overall in Recruiting.

These Recruiting Sites are in it to make a buck. To think otherwise is Horribly Naive.
Because he had never went to a recruiting camp and then finally did and ran a 4.31 (hand time) and jumped out of the building? That's utterly asinine. They shot him up but dropped nearly every other recruit to keep them at 2? How the hell does that make any sense?

Again, you're contradicting yourself. If the top ranked guys are only ranked at the top because top schools are recruiting them, why did OSU guys drop? There's 2 schools on or above OSU. Using your logic, none of them should have dropped.
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