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Originally Posted by Old142 View Post
Were going to start from Grahams first transfers ....Kyle Ott , Schlatter? Then Each year deducting those TRANSFERS wins from the lineup when Graham wrestled St Eds , Blair ...etc etc Ironman points ( ALL GONE FOR TAYLORS AND MARINELLI ETC ETC ETC ETC ) See how many national tiltles , dual wins over Eds or Blair they would ever have It doesn't matter if theyre in a middle school program if they still transferred in at middle school lol. Eds and Blair are supposed to recruit theyre private schools genius.
You liar! You are Bitter! Every post you submit proves it! How dare Graham have Open enrollment where good kids who want to compete against the best every year, training under Jeff Jordan while doing it under the right guidelines of the OHSAA! Damn them! I will rewind as you truly didnít catch it when I said this years lineups! A real genius would see that Graham is probably at the bottom of those transfers that will wrestle this year for said teams... try some counseling so you can relax a bit. All your bitterness and hatred canít be good! Lmao
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