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Originally Posted by McClearn7 View Post
1. Gavin Ritter- Wauseon (5th district)
2. Payton Burgdorf- Firelands (2nd middle school state 2015)
3. Jimmy Balazy- Padua
4. Caleb Hernandez- Napoleon
5. Corbin Houdashell- Columbian
6. Tristan Villareal- Defiance

1. Charley Bohls- Napoleon (SQ)
2. Austin Selvaggio- Elida
3. Brad Huhn- Brookside (SQ)
4. Nolan Ray- Wauseon (5th middle school state)
5. Matt Luikart- Upper Sandusky
6. Allen Tin- Fairview (6th district 2015)

1. Eric Bartos- Buckeye (4th, 7th state)
2. Jarrett Bischoff- Wauseon
3. Andrew Branson- Columbian
4. Logan Schoen- Perkins
5. Brian Shaw- Padua
6. Luke Beach- Wapakoneta

1. Gabe Steyer- Van Wert
2. Danny Assaf- Defiance (SQ)
3. Caden Blust- Columbian (SQ)
4. Michael Clark- Buckeye (5th district)
5. Matthew Taylor- Ashland (6th state)
6. Brad Silliman- Madison Comp.

1. Leconte Merrell- Madison Comp. (7th state)
2. Angel Granados- Napoleon (SQ)
3. Hunter Yackee- Wauseon (SQ)
4. Drew Crabtree- Perkins
5. Jayden Hefner- Wapakoneta (5th district, 5th district 2015)
6. Sam LoFaso- Padua (6th district)

1. Timothy Grunden- Defiance (3rd state)
2. Carson Speelman- Madison Comp. (6th district)
3. Landon Plank- Ashland (5th district)
4. Jacob Maslyk – Perkins
5. Mauricio Barajas- Wauseon (SQ 2015)
6. Brad Beemer- Wapakoneta

1. Sandro Ramirez- Wauseon (2nd, 3rd state)
2. Ricky Maffett- Ashland (5th district)
3. Justin Schneider- Maumee
4. Nick Smythe- Bellevue
5. Collin Mell- Bath
6. Calvin Brown- Elida

1. Sid Ohl- Ashland (7th state)
2. Xavier Torres- Wauseon
3. Garrett Coe- Keystone
4. Gabe Makin- Elida
5. Caleb Cass- Cloverleaf
6. Nick Jackson- Bowling Green

1. Noah Clary- Upper Sandusky (SQ)
2. Andrew Bailey- Wauseon
3. Ethan Hernandez- Norwalk (8th middle school state)
4. Patrick Keown- Firelands
5. Brahm Ginter- Shelby
6. Cory Stallings- Cloverleaf

1. Keysean Amison- Perkins (8th state)
2. Tre Terry- Bath (SQ)
3. Alex Andrews- Napoleon (SQ)
4. Adalberto Vega- Defiance
5. Josh Barr- Bay (SQ)
6. Gabe Phillips- Norwalk (5th middle school state)

1. Robbie Bowers- Defiance (2nd, 2nd state)
2. Matthew Cover- Bay (5th district)
3. Justin Ochletree- Keystone
4. Devin Gochinski- Ashland (6th district)
5. Taylor Gerhart- Lexington
6. Sam Hunter- Sandusky

1. Tony Banister- Wauseon (2nd, 8th state)
2. Pete Abraham- Padua (5th district, 6th district 2015)
3. Josh Bever- Ashland
4. Ryan Haas- Maumee
5. David McCullough- Keystone (6th district)
6. Ryan Kelley- Clyde

1. Landon Hall- Wapakoneta (4th, 6th state)
2. Brandon Phillips- Maumee (SQ)
3. Greg Packard- Brookside (6th district)
4. Connor Johnston- Upper Sandusky (5th district)
5. Douglas Childers- Firelands
6. Abdullah Silmi- Norwalk (8th state)

1. Devin Williams- Shelby (5th district 2015)
2. Ja’Mez Young- Sandusky (4th state)
3. Sean Lipscomb- Firelands
4. Noah Meeker- Elida
5. Maxton Edgerly- Bay (5th district)
6. J.D. McCardle- Clearview

Best First Round Match-Ups:

106- Payton Burgdorf vs. Tristan Villareal

132- Jayden Hefner vs. Sam LoFaso

145- Justin Schneider vs. Nick Smythe

170- Josh Barr vs. Trent Davis

285- Ja’Mez Young vs. J.D. McCardle

1. Wauseon
2. Ashland
3. Defiance
4. Napoleon
5. Perkins
6. Firelands
7. Elida
8. Padua

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baum’s Page and Jake’s Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
You really don't think the only returning SP in Taylor doesn't get out? I believe this a loaded district weight and i think experience pulls others ahead here. Steyer takes the Alternate spot.
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