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Originally Posted by Buckeye Elite View Post
They don't get ripped on, it's jealous schools who can't compete with them, they always schedule tough and that's why they do so well down the stretch, if anyone's sensitive it's you, it's obvious Louisville is a better program then marlington 9/10 years, and everyone else in the NBC
Pretty poor statement Buckeye Elite- Louisville has a great program - no denying that - I haven't seen a post yet that suggests otherwise. But Jealous and sensitive? the fact is back in 1990 the Louisville Administration did the right thing be running from the Federal League. They could not compete and were losing kids to St. Thomas consistently. They made a bold move to get into a new NBC league. Eventually they started winning and became dominant and it only helped the school - to their credit - but most of the schools in the NBC have at least 100 less boys now and decided to do what's best for there kids - which is right size the league, although I still can't figure out why Alliance and Marlington are still in the league since they have similar enrollments? I do feel bad for Louisville because they have no place to go. They really can't get in the Fed because within a few years they will be the basement dwellers. Below is your 9 year run to get you out of the FED!!! Doesn't look too dominant and it will only be worse now.

1982 5 5 0
1983 5 5 0
1984 6 4 0
1985 4 6 0
1986 1 9 0
1987 2 8 0
1988 3 7 0
1989 3 7 0
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