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This would be crazy and have a lot of moving pieces, but it makes a lot of sense when you think about it. The whole CCC breaking thing is the biggest factor in this, so...

Preble Shawnee and Dixie go to the CCC

Franklin, Monroe, Bellbrook( a stretch)- Try and get into the SWOC

The remaining schools invite Bethel, East, and Covington to make a 12 team league; make it big and small divisions like they have now or North and South.

The odd man out of Ft. Loramie, but them being a football only member isn't helping their case.

OR Franklin, Monroe, and Bellbrook stay in the SWBL, and they still invite the 4 CCC schools and restructure into 8 team divisions. If they do that, it'd have to be a North/South split
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