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Originally Posted by VASJalumni View Post
Scheduling harder teams will improve a teams plays and make them better prepared for tougher teams. Will this make up for the talent gap? HELL NO. The harsh reality is that whoever comes out of the Garfield Heights district will most likely win regionals whether its VASJ, Warrensville, or Beachwood. Especially with the great teams these schools have had in the past couple years. To make a fair canton regional, getting rid of VASJ is not the answer. I firmly believe that if or when VASJ leaves D3, another team like Warrensville will fill the place of Joes and continue to to win the Canton regional. I have no idea how they can make this regional more fair without getting rid of the garfield heights district and obviously this is not a probable thing to do. My point is, VASJ is not the only issue with this regional. I believe that if VASJ was not in DIII, we would be having the same debate about Warrensville or Beachwood. As for down playing our advantage, we do have local kids. However, the basketball skill level in northeast Ohio as a whole has been crazy. The amounts of athletes the area has had these past 7 years or so has been insane. Yes, it probably unfair for those schools from southern part of the state to compete with the teams from this area. Moving a team like VASJ out is not the solution because another team will fill the spot like I previously stated. The only way of having a "fair" regional would be to split up the city schools from the farm teams. In my opinion, that is just not going to happen and is not logical.
This is an excellent post. Part of the problem is geography, but I'm also not convinced that Beachwood or Warrensville would dominate as much as VASJ has, because they really don't consistently have such a huge talent gap over these rural teams.
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