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Originally Posted by SOTT View Post
I see. That wouldn't be half bad. I would probably allow those teams, 1-20, to actually choose their site starting with 1. I think it would still keep it fairly balanced and yet in the case where the host school wants to stay home they can still do such. This allows them to still utilize their parent volunteers in helping to run the meet.
I'm not a fan of having schools choose where they go. I think of what I would do. If I were choosing and I was one of the top teams, I would chose to go against tougher teams and thus stacking a District and eliminating a top team if I could. I know that's a complete contradiction of what I am proposing, but what I think is fair for the majority is not necessarily what I would do as a competitor given a choice. If I was choosing, there would probably be a District just like LCCC for D2.

Say Bay was Ranked #1 and chose LCCC. Woodridge at #2 chooses LCCC to show Bay they aren't afraid of them and to get a better feel for what to expect and need to do at the District and State. Then Rocky River at 3 decides to go to LCCC for the same reasons Woodridge chose LCCC and because they think, how many other teams are going to have the nerve to put themselves in a District that already has 3 slots pretty much assured?

I'm pretty sure that the seeded Districts allow the higher ranked teams to choose last. So then, it might be the same where if I were #1, I'd choose to go against #2. There would be things like injury and stuff to look at, but I'm not a fan of having coaches choose.
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