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Originally Posted by SOTT View Post
There are definitely deficiencies in seeding/voting. However, I think a computer model would yield problems as well. There are so many variables. You mentioned running at Galion or Tiffin: that will be a skewing factor in computer models as well. Holding out a few top runners from a meet for whatever reason would also inject a bias. I'll agree it would still probably be better than what's going on right now though.
That's why I would go with the Regional results from the year before and distributing those teams something like 1,8,9,16,17 - 2,7,10,15,18 - 3,6,11,14,19 - 4,5,12,13,20 with some minor adjustments for schools that would have boys and girls that would end up at different sites. Then fill in the rest of the spots geographically using single gender schools to balance off the Districts as needed. The odds of getting a stacked District and a terrible District would be nearly impossible. It happens year after year as it is now.

At least, there would be criteria that is known and followed and not some haphazard general rules type thing that know one can explain.

I do not want to go to a computer model that ranks teams by season results. I don't like it for football and it would be even worse for CC.
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