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I do not like the process of having teams ranked by the coaches during the season. It puts a burden on the coaches that they do not need. A responsibility that has nothing to do with coaching. That's why I propose it go off of what was done the year before at the Regional. That way it's done by a computer with zero skin in the game. After the top 10 it's sort of a crap shoot. Going to 16 or 20 from the year before is at least close to an indicator. I don't want Howard having to decide if he gives his boys or girls an easier of harder path. I don't think it's a coaches place to have to make a decision that would affect what another teams chances are. I also don't think the advantages should necessarily be given to the better teams. Split the better programs up across the District meets and then make it a more even chance for those teams at the 3,4,5 positions.

Somehow CVCA and Woodridge are tied at the hip, but $V$M is not. Tallmadge and others seem to get the short end of the stick year after year. Just deciding to send Beaumont to LCCC instead of Laurel makes a huge difference to teams.

Ever other year, coaches would be able to know exactly where they were and who was in their District well in advance. The other years, when they do the counts, they would know right after the divisional numbers are out. This would give some coaches the ability to make better decisions on what invites they want to go to. Just a better way to set up the season to reach goals.
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