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Originally Posted by psycho_dad View Post
Here are some goals for you.


#2. Finish 2nd in your conference.

#3. Cut the gap from 1 to 5 down to 1 min.

#4. Go out more controlled the first mile of races as a pack and pass people the next 2 miles instead of getting passed. Your guys would go out like mad men the first mile last year and then explode and break apart and gap. As a team, you are only as strong as your #5 and it does no good to put him in debt the first mile and have him running all by himself on fumes for 2 miles. Run as a team and move through.

#5. Don't let Woodridge 15 you.

#6. Don't let Woodridge beat you with their 8-14.

5 and 6 are a little out of your control, but when you run against them, your guys should not be ahead of their #5 until after the 2nd mile. Let them drag your guys through. Race smarter.

Just field a Girls team.
Well see what we can do.

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