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The logic, if you can call it that, baffles me too. I guess Norton, Coventry, Springfield before Tallmadge geographically makes sense, although Tallmadge should be next on the chopping block. From last year to this year, Marlington and Alliance move to d1. Kenmore and Garfield merge. Waynefield and Wellington drop to d3. The only school to drop to d2 is Springfield. Should be a net loss of 4 schools from our district. We should have gained a couple of schools to keep the districts even. Except instead they dropped the number of qualifiers to 4, and only added Lutheran West. If we were to gain a couple of schools, I would have expected Triway, Cloverleaf, Woodridge, CVCA, Tallmadge, or Field to be dropping in. Definately not Lutheran West. With that being said, I believe the following to be true:

That boys and girls teams attsnd the same district sites.

They will maintain that regardless of division assignments. In which case, Revere in Malone may make a bit more sense, at least for D1 Boys.

Thirdly, I believe same gender schools are placed last, after all the other schools are placed.

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