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Originally Posted by joesports View Post
I am tired of this act ... LeBron has repeatedly forced teams into unwise short term transaction ... which has caused his teams to be handcuffed with little wiggle room to improve ... then he leaves ... while I am grateful for the championship he and his teammates brought to Cleveland ... I have had enough of the drama ... trade Kyrie for young talent and picks ... then go to LeBron and offer to trade him to where he wants to go and get the most possible for him ... I know this will cause the Cavs to fall, but give them a better chance of rebuilding quicker with (I hope) more team centric nucleus and (hopefully) less drama. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I enjoyed rooting for the Price, Daugherty, Nance, etc. team more than this current addition.
Yeah, LeBron really screwed the Cavs over with those 3 consecutive finals appearances and a NBA Championship. Happens with many NBA teams. Mortgage the future for the present if you have a window of opportunity. But I don't blame LeBron. Gilbert has been shown to be an idiot when it comes to owning an NBA team and a child. He gave his "hometown" it's first title in over 50 years. Some people are never satisfied.

I'm also not convinced he goes to the Lakers. Even with George, they don't have enough fire power to overcome the Warriors. They would have to drastically rebuild the roster and acquire some shooters to open up the floor. PG isn't a great outside shooer, Lonzo will likely be bad until he fixes his shot and neither Clarkson nor Ingram are good outside shooters. I would have said the Clippers but they are headed to a rebuild and LeBron + Jordan + Griffin is just a nightmare for spacing/FT shooting. If they could even make those 3 salaries work.
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