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Originally Posted by RB22 View Post
Since the foul occurred after change of possession and during the run another change of possession occurred the penalty should have been enforced 15 yards against Howland from the spot of the foul and Niles maintains possession.

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Let's not make this difficult.....

If during the return of an interception the defense (offense and defense designations can change throughout a down) commits a foul, the enforcement spot of that foul will be from the end of the run, not the spot of the foul.

In this case, the end of the run is the spot of the fumble which results in any accepted penalty against the defense being enforced from that spot.

For example.... (and this is what may have happened during the play in question)

B20 intercepts A 14's pass at the 50 yard line and is immediately grabbed by the face mask by A81......... B20 breaks free and returns the ball to the A30 where he fumbles and A14 recovers......

- Since A fouled after the first change of possession and before the second change of possession, A cannot keep possession of the ball (unless B declines the penalty........ which they won't)

- When B accepts the penalty for the face mask it is enforced from the end of B20's run which is the spot of the fumble ....... 15 yards (or 5 yards depending on the severity of the grab) and a first down and 10 for B
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