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Originally Posted by BBfootball92 View Post
49-14 last year . Yea real close
You know what I'm saying. Maybe not last year, or every year, but that game has been pretty competitive a majority of the time.

2016: Bellbrook (7-3) 20 Brookville (5-6) 14 OT
2015: Brookville (12-1) 42 Bellbrook (5-5) 13
2014: Bellbrook (8-4) 17 Brookville (5-5) 14
2013: Bellbrook (4-6) 17 Brookville (5-5) 3

So in the past 5 seasons it's been a close game with the exception of last year or 2015 when Brookville beat Bellbrook badly. Don't get me wrong, I think Bellbrook wins this game and Brookville hasn't been challenged to date. I just wouldn't be shocked for it to be a lower scoring, closer final outcome, than many might imagine.
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