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Schools Opt Out of Playing Strong Opponent

Originally Posted by Football 101 View Post
In NEO we have seen leagues completely turn their backs on a league member and create a new league because....why?

straight dodging going on here as well. No stone to cast here.

all I can say is those schools that are DODGING most of the time end up being first and second round fodder.

Yep, this is the first year with the NBC after they threw out Louisville, and Louisville arguably ended up with a better schedule and possibly less travel (all of their games are in Stark and Mahoning county if I recall)

And the AAC top half has kept the conference in formats where they can largely duck one another IN CONFERENCE for a decade, which is why itís falling apart now, and as you mentioned 80% of them are gone week 11, and the rest are gone week 12 (and only got there because they played another one in week 11)
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