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Originally Posted by Neopolitan View Post
Could you shoot me a PM to discuss the latter issue then? I think wanting some clarity is fair.

To address the thread topic, Cuban is simply stating the truth. The worst place you can be in the NBA is middle of the road. If you're going to miss the playoffs, the best thing for the future of your team is to lose as much as possible.

I think rather than punishing him for stating this, they should look into ways to not make this the reality of the league. One idea would be the amount of money a team receives from revenue sharing is based on their total share of wins.
The NFL is the same way......just ask Dan Marino.

One of the dumbest things that the NBA ever did was to base draft order/lottery entrance upon making the playoffs. Now they are considering doubling down on stupid by selecting 8 from each side and then seeding them together. 1 v. 16, and a late game on top of it. Stupid.

Basing entrance into the draft lottery on playoff participation instead of just total record is what has caused the talent gap between East and West. The 12 to 16 teams with the worst record should be the lottery teams, regardless of playoff participation.
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