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Originally Posted by Monclova Steve View Post
Career WAR of Reds players (players only, not Hutch or Sparky) whose jerseys have been retired:

Johnny Bench -- 75.0
Joe Morgan -- 100.3
Barry Larkin -- 70.2
Dave Concepcion -- 39.9
Pete Rose 79.1
Big Klu -- 32.3
Frank Robinson -- 107.2
Tony Perez -- 53.9

Brandon Phillips -- 30.9

WAR is such an all encompassing stat of a player's value that only 14Red will dispute that -- despite not measuring up to ANY of the Reds whose numbers are on display at GAPB -- BP is still worthy of being included amongst them.

In fact, he has been unable to make ANY valid arguments that BP should be included in this group. Sorry, 14Red, but beating out Larry Bowa doesn't count.
Of those listed Big Klu has a WAR of 1.4 better than BP. Why is his retired? Admittedly he is before my time.
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