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Originally Posted by Jump21 View Post
New guys take...

#1 Princeton. Next level talent

#2 Mason

#3 East kind of a one man show. Not a great formula. However seem to be grooming young talent that they recruit in.

#4 - #8 about the same...have watched them all

Oak Hills - Avg talent but seem to win. Typically means they are well coached?? Sorry Jim I respectfully disagree about Price.

Sycamore - Avg talent

Fairfield - Avg talent but athletic

Hamilton - top 3 talent but under achieving. Could see them move up.

West - below avg talent over achieving

#9 Middletown

#10 c'mon Colerain

Have not seen Middletown or Colerain. Am I wrong about Middies?

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Glad your new Jump--not sure your rankings rationale if you look at who has beaten each other so far:

OH is clearly #2 and not close to being in the 4-8 range at 8-3 overall--they have beaten Mason at Mason and East and also own wins over Sycamore, West and Colerain. You are corrrect about how well-coached they are to really give Princeton a respectable game as they trailed by 4 with 3 minutes to go before Princeton won it by 12 pts. Certainly Mason at #3 and East at #4 would be accurate as Mason owns a head to head win over East and is 7-2 compared to East at 6-5.

Sycamore,Fairfield, Hamilton amd West likely at 5-8 is right-on as Sycamore has knocked off Hamilton but lost to West--Fairfield has knocked off Hamilton and West but lost to Middletown--Hamilton has beaten West but lost to Sycamore and Fairfield.

Have to put Colerain at #9 as they own a head to head win over Middletown to get them ahead of the Middies.
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