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FWIW, just did a quick count of numbers for boy's schools and there are 15 schools with enrollment of boys in the upper 3 grades at 750 plus boys.
There are 38 schools with less than 50 boys in the upper 3 grades. True, some of the small schools do not offer track, so we can say there are about twice as many (30) very small progams as there are "mega" schools (15).

To me, it is just as unproportional for a school with 30 boys to compete against a school with 130 as it would be for a school or 350 to go against a school with 1000. Strictly by the numbers, DIII is tougher as more schools are competing against schools with 4-times the enrollments whereas, DI is only about 3-times the enrollment for the "smaller" schools to go against AND there are more schools on the extreme low than the extreme high.

I don't think they should add to the numbers of those smaller schools in DIII as that will not be good for the sport in smaller communities and could "shut down" the smaller programs. I know that the good athletes could transfer to bigger schools, but we cant affort to lose any more programs. I think we should encourage those programs to get more paricipants at the District meet.

Just some things to think about.
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