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While track and field is growing, it is mostly growing amongst the established teams, like the big d1 suburban schools. My own Coventry, which is a suburb of Akron, has seen the number of boys grow from 25 to 60 over the last 4 years. And that number will likely continue to grow. The tiny rural schools, however, are not seeing the same kind of growth.

I also agree with some of the other posters here who say that bigger is not necessarily better. The optimal number of kids on a track team, to me is 60-80. Once you get more than that, each additional athlete starts to bring diminished returns. And too many athletes prevent a team from effectively developing some of its talent.

I for one would like to see an increase in JV/Freshmen meets, because it would be nice to have opportunities to give the kids who are not good enough to run varsity invitational events, opportunities to experience the team aspect of track, the putting points together and trying to win the team victory at invitationals aspect to track. My own Coventry might start to be able to benefit from that if its track numbers continue to grow. Either that, or the OHSAA should allow teams to split up each week, and not have it count towards it's meet allotted total. Or, actually, Id like to see the ohsaa get rid of the regulation on the maximum allowed meets a team can run in a season. If they have to have a regulation on the matter, have there be a maximum amount of meets a individual can compete at instead of team. (to be eligible for postseason).

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