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Originally Posted by my2sense View Post
Agreed that many of the jobs may be close to minimum, but most "Help Wanted" I see in the area are part time sub $10/hr so I don't know if its fair to expect more?


I guess in a relatively depressed climate that something is better than nothing. Hopefully things will be completed in a timely manner and many will benefit.
Since I have been pretty hard on the project, in the interest of fairness to IRG/the HOF -- I guess not every job will be terrible. The administration side could be a real benefit to the area. For better or worse the other benefits are kind of trickle down in nature. Even so, definitely something is better than nothing, perfect is the enemy of good, etc. I agree. Northeast Ohio has tried to pretend it's still 1970 for far too long.

Looking through the website, I think it's cool that they got the NCAA DIII volleyball championships, and the Black College HOF too. Not the biggest draw in the world but whatever. My primary concern other than the developer's legal issues is putting all our eggs in the football basket when other sports are really rising in popularity (NBA mostly). It's too bad Malone isn't a bigger university since it's so close.
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