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Originally Posted by Thunderstruck2652 View Post
Congratulations on basing your argument on a cartoon... Meanwhile, the majority of people in the community aren't members of the teachers union and will continue to fight this until you're left circling the wagon around the head coach of a football team that has undeniably gone down the toilet under his watch.

Under any set of circumstances, the program has turned into hot garbage while being lead by McQuaide. Missing the playoffs during any year is unacceptable, however it's happened three times now under McQuaide. The facts are that the team has underachieved year over year and McQuaide has been bullying his players (the "report" by the BOE is trash and propaganda which any reasonable person should use as toilet paper).

In anticipation of anybody who wishes to offer a rebuttal, allow me to say this - you're not a true Solon fan, you're a fan of mediocrity. You're a blind sheep. Your a teachers union apologist and if you had your way the head coach would continue bully and take advantage of high-school aged kids until the end of time. Whatever your rebuttals are, I wipe my butt with them. The program has been and will continue to be a running joke until McQuaide (and by extension, McGuire) are out.
Thunderstruck, I'm on your side buddy. This cartoon clearly depicts Regano as a corrupt politician who is shoving (bullying) away the parents as he hypocritically reads a "report" (so called) he drafted himself with lack of objective facts and turned the whole situation back on the parents. Notice he is also half way in the ground thus "digging his own hole". This cartoon was left here for the supporters of Mcquaide and the staff. Because they are a joke themselves. Trust me, I know this is not the end of it as they would like to think.

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