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Originally Posted by Enigma77 View Post
Just when we thought that the current generation of parents couldn't get any more soft, selfish, entitled, or vindictive...

Good for Solon! It is good to see there are still BOEs and Supers that stand firm against this generation of whiny parents and their witch hunts, without folding into the pressure like a tent.
The program is in shambles. The BOE is a joke and Regano / McQuaide / McGuire are a disgrace. And yet, the school spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to install a video scoreboard. They expect field renovations, new uniforms and raises for the coaches / teachers / school board members. This is a repeat of the 2013 Strongsville teachers union strike in the making - an event which that school system has failed to fully recover from.

You can quote me on this, heads are going to roll when the next school levy fails. Enough is enough! Solon has a (generally) very good school system but it has clearly been infected by the same teachers union mentality BS that ripped apart the Strongsville school system. Mark my words for the people who think that it can't/won't happen in your community, when the teachers and school administration start caring more about themselves than their students, people take notice. Civic servants are starting to be considered by the school administration to be more important than the well-being of the community. Clearly, that's the point which we've reached. Consider yourselves to have been put on notice.

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