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Boardman advances to face top-seeded Jackson w/ a 3-0 sweep of Perry.

Boardman's very, very young this year, but will be a team to be reckoned with in the upcoming years in the district. I believe they have 3 freshman that are key players and only 2 seniors on the team.

Unlikely they will take down what appears to be a really good Jackson team, but I think they can put up a decent fight.

Boardman's only losses were to Canfield and D-2 state ranked Hubbard.

Question on seeding vote: What in the heck were East and McKinley doing on voting? Those 2 should lose voting privelages for a year based on their votes. Their placements make almost no sense. East had Mckinley as the #1 seed and Jackson as the next to last. I thought maybe they were confused on ordering, but some of their other ordering made some sense. On McKinley, it looks like they had some idea on the top few and then said screw it and filled in whatever. Canfield being next to last (behind Boardman they swept)? Boardman at 20-4 being behind a 5 or 6 win Fitch team they swept? Maybe just clueless on Youngstown area teams other than knowing that East should be at the bottom? I'd assume all these teams at least receive records, if not schedule results. Strictly based on only knowing records, I'm not sure how they placed teams like they did.
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