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It's a tough call because Orange was definitely exposed on defense after Houston was hurt last year, which makes you wonder how effective the other 10 can be when other teams plan around Harrison.

Liberty was hurt more by senior graduation, but has some good offensive weapons coming back. Not sure they have Rossi type linemen left, but don't think they will suffer as much as Tangy will without Slades.

Liberty also lost their D-coordinator Arn to Berlin, always an interesting call when a successful coordinator leaves, you are left wondering if the head coach is so good he can just plug another one in or if the success was because the coordinator was so good. OhioState frequently goes thru this dilemma, and one could argue that having good coordinators might be even more important than who your coach is. Don't know much of anything about his replacement.

Orange has lined up their usual tomato can non-conf schedule but finally got brave and scheduled one good game against Pick North, who Liberty also plays early in the season. We should know a lot more about both of these teams after that game, but I will be pretty shocked if either is able to beat PN.

Orange should be even more effective on the ground this year, expect TB Mark Roberts to emerge and some decent size in the line. Big question will be can they throw consistently in the bigger games when they will need to (7 of their games they will not).

All-in-all, I don't think Orange has a replacement for Houston and unless they figure out how to use Harrison on offense more (maybe they don't want to, no idea), I would expect both teams to be down a slight notch this year, but not nearly as big a notch as Tangy or Gahanna.

Whitmer was an absolute phantom last year and will be overhyped on QB play again despite having extremely average lines. I took tons of abuse last year after watching how poorly their lines played against Tangy and predicting a blowout for Liberty over Whitmer, and guess what happened. They will be able to beat up on tomato cans fine, but when it comes to the big playoff games, unless there is something waiting in the wings we didn't see, they are not one of the top 3 teams in the region.

The region comes up extremely soft and is definitely Coffman's for the taking IMO. Orange or Liberty likely the only teams capable of giving them a game in the playoffs, though I don't know a ton about Lorain (other than their defense was really bad last year too). The addition of Reynoldsburg is somewhat interesting, but they usually shoot themselves in the foot somehow.

Would rank region Coffman, Orange, Liberty, Whitmer, tentatively in the preseason. Will adjust after we actually see some play.
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