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Originally Posted by eastisbest View Post
"Commit perjury." Wasn't there something in the news about people being able to hold accountable those that libel on social media? Hope you have your ducks in a row.

Anyhow, didn't an official of the courts rule on this? I'm pretty sure it wasn't me so I didn't "dismiss" anything and what person with a brain can accuse someone of "dismissing" something they called an "infraction?"

Apparently after some consideration, a measured response was applied taking in account all the missteps by OHSAA officials that you dismiss.
As to libel, The Truth is an affirmative defense!

As to the court, the ruling didn’t take false testimony into account. When the testimony is proven false there will be consequences from that court.

As to the OHSAA, if you think this is over, you have a reading comprehension problem. See OHSAA comments following the ruling posted earlier.

YOUR COMMENT that this was a “minor infraction, if it was an infraction” is dismissive.
YOUR COMMENT that the “proposed penalty” (for playing an ineligible player) “was obviously ludicrous” is dismissive.
The rules are the rules, even for Dunbar!

As others have noted, two teams involved. Thurgood Marshall reacted correctly.
Dunbar did not, then dissembled, went to court and lied!

They’re teaching students. That is their mission.
They teach more by what they did here than by all the classroom instruction over decades. And what they’ve taught is anathema to civility, decency and responsibility!
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