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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
I'm NOT going to get my hopes up yet but NASA is making a major announcement on Thursday relating to the possible discovery of alien life ...

... NASA has announced a press conference for Thursday and is expected to confirm a major discovery about life beyond earth.

... I would recommend you hold off building an alien proof bunker in the back yard until after the announcement as NASA does tend to blow things out of proportion once in a while.
NASA's big announcement was that they found a star and a star system very similar to our Sun and Solar System. Kepler-90, a yellow dwarf star about 2500 light years away, has eight orbiting planets, just like our Sun ... the six inner planets appear to be terrestrial planets, while the two outer planets appear to be gas giants. The outermost gas giant is in the habitable zone ... hypothetically, it could have a large moon(s) with an atmosphere, magnetosphere, liquid water and possibly life.

Interesting, but still not solid evidence of life. But, we're getting closer and I believe we'll have the evidence within our lifetime.
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