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Originally Posted by BlackHawk View Post
Just ask the dinosaurs.
And if the asteroid story gets you nervous BlackHawk check out this bit of space disaster that could wack us at any time:

Devastating space storms could strike Earth at any time – and we would only have 15 minutes of warning.

A direct hit from a space storm would wipe out power across the globe plunging the earth into complete darkness.

Chillingly, experts would only know about the cataclysmic phenomenon 15 minutes before it ploughs into us.

Space storms can come in a number of different forms but the most destructive is a coronal mass ejection (CME.)

The scary thing is that unlike the dinosaur extinction which happened in the distant past the last "space storm" to hit the earth that could have collapsed the global electric grid happened in the 1850's! There's been a lot of discussion over what would happen today if the same storm struck.
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