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Originally Posted by Hitnrun View Post
I was able to watch that IVL summer travel team quite often last summer, with the three kids from Highland who have been reported to throw 85+. That team, with these three pitchers, didn't even play 500 baseball. Didn't make it to a meaningful weekend tournament game, playing predominately local tournaments. So, the competition wasn't even that tough, and all three were far from dominate, which many in their corner expect you to believe today. I also was able to see these kids work out most of the winter, and the throw 85+ mph thing is stretching things a bit. Might have peaked a couple pitches in that neighborhood, but far from a consistent 85+. Is it really that important, maybe not, but facts are facts. Just getting tired of kids getting over hyped who play sub par competition by their parents, coaches, trainers, etc, when ultimately their overall record just doesn't support the hype.
This is a fact! If I had a dollar for every Dad claiming these MPH stats! Ha! PBR Ranking moves up with each $$ spent on camps! Lots and lots of BS!!
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