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Originally Posted by cincyhoops View Post
What were the parents dissatisfied about? They were 16-9 this year and made it to the sectional finals. Just wait until fenwick takes a step backwards in basketball now.
The whole thing is crap promoted by a useless Athletic Director. AD used a parent evaluation survey to gather disparaging remarks about Kreke. Yells at kids too much, yells at officials, doesnít give playing time to enough kids, blah, blah, blah. AD too lazy to attend practices and games to do his own evaluation and would rather rely on a few dissatisfied parents. Didnít even talk to players - gave them written survey also. AD been wanting to get rid of Kreke since he came to school 3 years ago. He did same thing to Rossi with girls basketball and look where he took his Franklin team this year.

Many more parents at Fenwick not happy with AD, but principal is ignoring how incompetent he has been. Not many coaches at Fenwick trust or believe in AD.