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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
Here is a wonderful article that lays out how we screwed up the Apollo program:

A number of reasons existed for the truncation of the Apollo program. The Nixon administration wanted to cut the federal budget. Congress was keen to concentrate more government resources on social programs. Public interest in moon landings had started to wane. NASA was fixated on future projects, such as the space shuttle program. In any event, the United States threw away an opportunity to make Apollo an even greater thing than it was, without the benefit of much monetary savings.

Nixon & Congress screwed things up - I wish you could see my shocked face. And for the record did all that money (not very much actually) that we saved in cancelling these moon missions eliminate poverty in the USA?
NASA's budget in 1966 (peak year during the Apollo program) = 4.41% of the federal budget.

NASA's budget in 2012 = 0.48%. Less than a half-penny on the tax dollar.

Big difference. If our budget was just a penny on the dollar, we would be to infinity and beyond! (or at least to Mars...maybe)
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