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Originally Posted by Mr. Slippery View Post
I forget if they included home school and charter school kids in the count for this cycle or if that idea never materialized after it was shot down right before they did the divisional breakdowns 2 years ago.

On to the topic at hand...

I wasted many hours of my life and combed all boys district results to count up how many schools had 9 different boys entered at the district level. The only district that was tricky was DIII Newcomerstown because the results do not include prelims, so there was no perfect way to identify everyone who was entered. For the teams in that district for which I couldn't find 9, I used their league meet results, so that creates an additional margin for error here.

I arrived at a total of 686 schools that had at least 9 different boys entered for districts. I forgot to keep track of this, but I think there were around 25 schools that had 8 entrants. I believe there were 685 boys teams counted during the previous 2 year cycle.

Cut-offs are tricky because of having multiple teams with the same number of boys on either side of the cut line. If my work is at all accurate, my best guess is this:

DI: 298 and up - 230 teams
DII: 154 to 297 - 228 teams
DIII: 153 and down - 228 teams

10 teams right above the DI/DII cut line:
Thornville Sheridan 299
Tallmadge 299
Niles McKinley 299
Celina 300
Rocky River 300
Lexington 301
Norton 301
Bay Village Bay 302
Cincinnati Woodward 307
Medina Buckeye 307

10 teams right below the DI/DII cut line:
Lodi Cloverleaf 297
Akron Coventry 296
Tipp City Tippecanoe 296
Columbus Bishop Watterson 294
Vincent Warren 294
Monroe 291
Elida 290
Jackson (The one in SE Ohio) - 289
New Richmond - 287
Delaware Buckeye Valley - 286

10 teams right above the DII/DIII cut line:
Cincinnati Summit Country Day 154
Liberty Center 154
Newton Falls 154
Hanoverton United 154
Ironton 155
Elyria Catholic 155
Coldwater 156
Apple Creek Waynedale 156
Springfield Greenon 157
Leavittsburg LaBrae 158

10 teams right below the DII/DIII cut line:
Fredericktown 153
West Jefferson 153
Norwayne 153
Columbiana Crestview 153
Atwater Waterloo 153
Columbus Academy 152
Mount Gilead 152
Kirtland 152
Middlefield Cardinal 152
Bloomdale Elmwod 152
Minford 152
Frankfort Adena 152

If they opted to go with 300 as the DI cut line, that would put 227 teams in DI. The difficulty then becomes where to put the DII/DIII cut line due to the large number of schools that are tied at 154. Include 154 as part of DII, and you have 231 schools in DII and 228 in DIII. Cut it at 155, and you have 227 schools in DII and 232 in DIII. Honestly, I could live with that if it keeps teams south of 300 boys out of DI.

Incidentally, there is no way I'm going through all the districts for the girls. My school is solidly in DIII for both genders, so where the cut lines fall is not a big deal to me; especially since the next track season is slightly more than 8 flipping months away. That said, CC Track Fan did such a fine job estimating where the boys DI cut line would fall that he/she probably has some idea where the girls cut lines would fall.
Just downloaded the actual enrollment numbers by school. For the boys, there are roughly 198,356 grade 9-11. By your number breakdown.
D1 has 120,504 boys for 60.8% of total.
D2 has 50,980 boys for 25.7% of total.
D3 has 26,872 boys for 13.5% of total.

Seems to me there should be roughly equal number of boys per division not schools.

What really surprised me was that the Cinci (including Dayton) region has 8 of the top 11 largest schools in the state and 4 out of top 5 (Iggy is 3rd).

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