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Originally Posted by madman View Post
My sarcasm detector is going off here...

It would be a much bigger issue if the football fields were not uniform. If there were trees, ponds, rivers, hills, etc on the field, I'm guessing that might change things up. They might demand that playoff games be played only at facilities identified well before tournament play begins.
Or if the coach was not allowed to make any substitutions once the game started. or if at the end of the first quarter a completely different team walked on the field against you. Or, if all of a sudden the best running back in the District got to play with the best quarterback and receiver from other teams.

You can game plan for a team that runs one type of offense, but what about having to plan for 5 different teams at the same time?

In track, we look at teams in the District and what we might see at the Regional as the season progresses so we know where we have no chance or where we might stick a slower leg in a relay to just get through to the finals. You have to plan for many teams and individuals and having just 5 days might not be enough time ahead of the district meet.
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