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Originally Posted by Mr. Slippery View Post
Massillon and Central played once. It was 1997, and the available options were: play Massillon and likely lose in front of a big crowd, or play Moeller (who Massillon played the following week and scored a come-from-behind victory) and likely lose just as badly in front of no crowd. Klinefelter chose to play Massillon. Massillon won 41-6. The game was sandwiched around a 55-12 week 6 loss to McKinley's USA Today Poll Title team and a week 8 shutout loss at Walsh Jesuit. Central rebounded to win their final 2 games and made the playoffs that year at 6-4. Massillon missed the playoffs that year at 7-3 following a week 8 loss to Moeller and a week 10 loss to McKinley.

Not sure about the past 4 or 5 years, but Massillon has inquired in past years about a game, Central has declined. Doubtful Massillon and Central ever play again. Contrary to popular belief, Central has turned down a few opponents in the past decade. Move on, people.
Well then quit puffing up your chest.
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