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Originally Posted by ReLoad View Post
Common Opponents

StX won 20-17 OT at Colerain Week 2
Sycamore lost 42-0 at Colerain Week 4

StX won 40-12 at StX Week 11
Sycamore lost 21-7 at Sycamore Week 6
Common Opponents from 2016

St. Xavier lost 20-14 in OT vs. Colerain in Week 2
Sycamore lost 52-7 at Colerain in Week 5
St. Xavier won 29-23 at Colerain in Week 12

Sycamore lost 35-27 at Fairfield in Week 6
St. Xavier won 35-14 at Fairfield in Week 11

Actual Game: St. Xavier beat Sycamore 35-28 in OT

I don't think the results against common opponents matters all that much. I think it's all how teams matchup, and, for Sycamore, St. X is a much better matchup than Colerain. That said, this isn't last year. I think this Sycamore team is maybe a hair worse than last year's team while I think this St. X team is significantly better than last year's team. Despite the good matchup for Sycamore, I think it means X should win by 10-20 points. However, I think a game going down to the wire or a St. X blowout win are just as likely.
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