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I was numb when this one was over and I turned off the remote. Should not have lost that game last night. That defense was putrid. Can’t put all the blame on the coaches that isn’t right. It’s a team thing it’s a school thing it’s a community thing. You can replace the coaching staff and maybe it changes the culture and how people feel but I doubt it changes the results. Thobe, Bush, Hyatt are the last three coaches and all three had people calling for their heads each year. Football and toughness just isn’t a priority in the community. Not a knock just a fact. Parents are soft and they make kids that are soft. There are some good kids on the team but too many kids content with wearing the jersey and standing on the sidelines. You can change the coach all you want but the results will be the same. Six wins in a good year one and done any time you sneak into the playoffs. Until the youth programs align with the high school program and everyone rows in the same direction nothing will change. Rant over.
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