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Originally Posted by Andy27 View Post
When players only show up to practice when they want and still get to start, that is a problem.

Add in the injuries, and the program is not going to do well.

Iíve also heard through the grapevine that itís been a rougher year than in the past, plus injuries that have taken additional toll.

While the coach had always been pleasant to me, I could see where his coaching style could run off many teenage girls. Add to that the physical demand of the sport and the never-ending nature of basketball (really any HS sport these days), I understand how itís a challenge to find good players deciding to pick up a basketball at Hoban vs a soccer ball, a volleyball or a lacrosse stick.

But shouldnít kids be playing a sport because they like the and like competing with others from their school for their school? That is often lost on coaches and admins.

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