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Originally Posted by LoveCrossCountry View Post
I saw that race today, and Horter and Kreft were just flying. The weather was perfect and it is definitely a fast course. 4977 meters? Ok. I think mainly it was the weather, the flat course with long straights and manicured grass and the competition.

For what it's worth, the boys team that I follow didn't have everyone set PRs.

Was a great race.
The teams I coach didn't have everyone at PRs, though there were a bunch of them. For me knowing it was a little bit short (though measuring with the laser means it is unlikely anyone actually ran a path that short) is irrelevant. It's a fast course anyone. The conditions today made it faster yet. With all due respect to Andrew Johnston (who I believe had the course record from 2012) I do actually think Kreft and Horter are faster runners. Then again, they ran side by side for much of the race, so they were pushing each other. In any event, it's cross country. Different courses and different conditions yield different times. If we had been running under last weekend's temperatures I bet we'd have seen 15-30 seconds slower times today for the best boys and girls. If the race had been run at Bradley the times would have been slower. Neither of those possibilities would have meant the athletes were actually any better or worse. If see a kid has run a 16:12 at Tiffin and another ran a 16:27 at CVNP, I know the kid at CVNP ran a lot faster race. I don't need to measure either course to know that.
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