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Originally Posted by runningrocks View Post
Yeah but you all are missing the point here. Whether the course is short or not (it's not) , Kreft still beat Horter by a solid 6 seconds. That's a decent amount. Ladies and gentleman horter is very beatable and it's only a matter of time until scrape, jha, and the rest of ohios d1 studs get to him at the state meet.
The kid from Middletown will have a a say in who wins. We were at Kettering today and times were fast, but not crazy. Many of the top tier boys and girls ran around their normal times to slightly faster. The ground is hard and firm, combined with great temperatures toward the end of the season, you get great times. MMOC always has fast times. 14:29 is fast on a track FWIW.

Some of these meets are getting to big for the course sizes. Think there were 827 finishers in the open race at Kettering.
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