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There are 4 sports that are considered "headcount" sports, meaning they either give full rides or no funds at all. Those are D1 men's football, D1 men's & women's basketball, and D1 women's volleyball. For example, D1 football has a headcount limit of 85 players. So, all 85 will get a full ride (or no scholarship at all, as in the case of the Ivy league). The 86th player will be a walk-on with no scholarship.

All of the other sports have scholarship limits per team. For D1 women's soccer, the limit is 14 scholarships per team. For D2, the limit is 9.9. A school can choose to fund fewer scholarships if it wants to.

Because of this dynamic, most programs limit the number of full ride scholarships they give for soccer (some don't give any at all). Instead, they try and spread the money to as many rostered players as possible. For example, if a team has 28 players rostered, it may give 50% scholarships to all 28 players. The bottom line is that if any one player gets a full ride, someone else on the team will get less.

This is why grades matter for sports like soccer, baseball, track, etc. The odds of getting a full ride or anything close to a full ride are slim. So, if a student has good grades, they can supplement the athletic scholarship money with academic based aid. This is also why some will choose a competitive D3 program. In some cases the financial award will be the same or greater...
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