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Originally Posted by Irwin20 View Post
Not sure that most will say their kid is getting a Full Ride but if you factor in other grants and scholarship monies I think many kids are doing ok. I'm not sure how they compensate kids on 30+ rosters but many will have to be getting close to nothing. I guess just the bragging rights that they are on a D1 roster is enough. I never discuss this with parents. I feel like its kind of a taboo subject.
Kind of what I've been hearing. I dont think many get full rides. Im curious how many kids really research their options or just go with what mom and dad think is cool. I've heard of many kids getting more athletic dollars from NAIA and D2 schools than D1. Put in the academic money and outside schollys, I think the numbers can be all over the place.

What is a good number for d1, 2, and NAIA.. for an elite level athlete? Minus academic and outside money. Im curious why these kids from upper CUP and ECNL levels would take nothing just to play for a D1 school. My son got quite a few good offers from D2 and NAIA- almost double than D1 AND he will play. Why do some of these kids want to spend the last 4 years playing the sport the love, on the bench just so they can brag about being D1. I will never get it. I will be stearing my daughter the same way.

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