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Is bosco coming here next year?

High expectations for bates. Needs to hit the weight room to fill out. May end up being one of the best TE's we have had in a while and that is saying something.

the record from last years JV says that class should be decent.

Obviously my beloved crusaders need a culture change. Not to sound like an old man but the program just seems laid back. Hate to say it but it reminds me of LaSalle like 5 years ago when they had tons of talent but could not translate that into winning. Talented, but easily out played and coached. We got the talent, fancy uniforms, new turf fields and some recent success but were is the old fashioned gritty blue collar teams that put moe on the map? Shoot before Roddy it seemed if even we were out matched talent wise the boys would go out and atleast make things respectable and go 7-5 or something. I know the schedule last year was exceptional but I always took pride in being a Moe guy and the competitive spirit we always had and like to think we always played with pride regardless of the score board, because of what was spelled on our chest.

Not trying to knock the boys effort of last year just saying something is off and I hope it is corrected ASAP.
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