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Originally Posted by J.R. Swish View Post
Yep, Tito confirmed what we thought last week. Could not trade Kip so he will be at 2b and Jose back to 3rd. We got to 7th game of WS like that in 2016 so let's hope for a repeat. I would imagine Diaz may platoon with Alonso at 1b since Alonso cannot hit lefties too well. Piece together OF until Brantley is ready around May 1 hopefully. I think they are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with Melvin Upton as righty bat in OF too. They have gotten lucky last two years with Davis and Jackson as one year pickups. Counting on pitching of course!
I really am sorry to see Ramirez headed back to third. Lindor and Kipnis are serviceable, but Lindor and Ramirez were sensational when they played the middle together. The middle is the heart of any team, and the Indians, with their outstanding pitching, two excellent defensive catchers who, combined put up decent power numbers, Zimmer ready to play a full season in center, and a Gold Glove shortstop, have a formidable core up the middle. To take Ramirez out of the mix, I believe, diminishes that. Kipnis just isn't in Ramirez' league as with the glove or turning two. Guess we'll have to see how this plays out.
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