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Originally Posted by Raymo View Post
Probably no one wants Brantley but him and Kipnis for a good bat,really need Bruce or Jackson.

This is an English-speaking site. Try to be more clear. If I un-garble your gibberish, I think you are saying trade Brantley and Kipnis for a good hitter. I would defy you to propose one trade where the Tribe sends Brantley and Kipnis someplace and gets anything close to proper value back. And it has to be a trade that actually has a chance of happening.

I would argue that except for 2017, Kipnis has been healthy and productive, and if Brantley can somehow stay on the field the Indians have one of the best 3or 4 lineups in the AL. Combine that with their rotation, and they should be done with big player moves.
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