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Originally Posted by eastside_purple View Post
So, not made by great players, just alpha tone setter bad cops. You're such a f'n moron.
There's obviously a huge space between the two points you refer to, filled in part by what I actually see as Phil's primary coaching dynamic; one in which a talented coach uses his greatest player and scorer, in both cases a driven and somewhat aloof talent, to push the other players while he plays the patient teacher/zenmaster. Why do you think they ditched giant goofball Shaq in his prime, the most dominant player in the game at the time ? He messed that dynamic up.

Lots of people in Yappi have conversations. They go back and forth, sometimes seeking clarification of another poster's point or opinion. If someone wants to read a completely developed thesis in one chunk, they probably don't look on Yappi.

If opportunities present themselves to needle someone a bit, sure, many of us will goof around. That said, I can't imagine investing the amount of time that you do trying to twist up and misrepresent what other people say. It's like anti-conversation, what you do. This would seem to be your major joy, as such characterization typifies at least half of what you do in here. It must be fun for you, I guess, but it really makes you look like some kind of bitter loser. You're a sorry piece of yit, truly, but I guess it's fun for you Enjoy!
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