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Originally Posted by Cincinnati_Kid View Post
I heard that Mac Shack is going in where Tom+Chee was. Now there's a restaurant I can get behind!
I was a big fan of Tom+Chee going back to the Fountain Square and Findley Market days. I frequented the Court Street location monthly and would go to the Newport location whenever I was at the Levee. I had been to the Bridgetown location four or five times. I used to love the quirkiness of the place and lamented the slick corporate style to which they went. A little while after the Shark Tank episode they quickly started to expand, got rid of the legos and happy meal toys at the counter and worse of all they got rid of the chalkboard menu. Things really went down hill when they lost their relationship with Grippos (the owner told me they tried to get the Grippos family to expand to accommodate their needs and then offered to buy them out when they refused to expand). There were no more roast beef grilled cheese with barbecue Grippos on the menu.

Other than the loss of the Bridgetown store, I do not know what is in store after the Gold Star takeover. Maybe the Mayor will run it after his current term ends.
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