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Originally Posted by adselder09 View Post
Can't believe I'm about to do this, but i think he means both ways. 80-90 missed shots per game, not just one team. Granted he has minimal opportunities to "coral" his own shots and whoever he is primarily guarding their shots. Westbrook is one of the only point guards in the league who looks to rebound the ball. He actively is seeking the ball when it's on the glass. In reality, Harden gets maybe 15-25 chances at rebounds a night, but he's still battling his own bigs and the other team for them.
Yes, that's combined missed shots for both teams, because it doesn't matter if an offensive or defensive rebound, it counts as a rebound, but you have to explain every little detail to Taco because he doesn't get it.

Also remember the many more long 3 point shots means long rebounds and guards can get more now. Back in the 80's much tougher to get rebounds for guards because there wasn't as many 3 point shot attempts. Also watch how many guys crash the boards. If Westbook say, crashes the offensive boards and many of his teammates drop back on defense so they don't get laid up on the other end, it creates more rebounding opportunities. Look, he still has to do it, but triple doubles are not nearly as impressive as many think they are when you look closely. Guys who have the ball in their hands all the time are likely candidates for triple doubles. The points are easy, you pass to potential shooters the entire game, so the assists aren't that difficult for guys like Harden, Westbrook and LeBron. The rebounds is the one they have to work at a little.
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